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Our Training

Appropriate staff awareness and skills, together with a clear process for dealing with issues, are critical to effective work practices. Well trained staff are a valuable and productive asset for any organisation.

At Document Examination Solutions Pty Ltd, we provide specialised training and staff development in document examination techniques and processes. Existing training packages available range from half day sessions to intensive three day workshops, all with theoretical and practical components.

Training packages are available, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Detection of Fraudulent Documents in the Workplace
  • Effective Examination Tools in the Workplace
  • Maintaining Document Integrity
  • Principles of Document Security Features and Examination Techniques
  • Document Examination: Fundamentals of the Discipline, Managing Evidence and Effective Use of Services
  • Interpretation of Document Examination Reporting and Terminology
  • Obtaining Specimen Material to assist the Forensic Document Examiner

Our principle is that training should cater to your needs. We will draw on our extensive experience in developing and providing training to design a solution to cater to your specific needs and workplace requirements.

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